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I have red many books about angels. Those spiritual creatures interests me most. I have never seen angels but I have a gift to feel them around. I think I have describe that in my previous hub about angels. Everytime, angels are around my neck and hands get warm and makes me aware of their presence.

I have red in one book something what made me worried. THe article claims that God loves us unconditionally and gave us angels to help us get throught life. I can understand that, but what I do not understand is the fact that only few people claim that can see angels. If God really loves us all equily should not we all have the same ability to see, feel angels? I really thought about it a lot. IN my opinion we all have ability to see angels. The ability is just disabled thanks to live we live. I mean, if we are living in a constant stress, busy lifestyle our mind is more focus in things which makes us unable to see magic.

Most of us wont see angels as Lorna Byrne or Doreen Virtue does. THat does not mean, angels do not exist not connectiong only with certain people. I believe is about How much effort we put into such connection.

Since I was a child I was seeking for churches, castles and mysterious places. I could sit for hours in a church and watching all the statues of angels. My mind always been full of imagination, dreams and hope for magic. I do believe that is How angels and spirit guides connect with me. THey make me exited and aware of their presence.

Since I was child I always created a secret world in my head. When I grown older I replaced it with sadness, stress, pain, love, sickness and all unimportant stuff which only makes your head heavy.

Inner child

The reason Why people are so cold these days is simple. Each of us holds inside an inner child. A child which needs to have fun, laugh, be a child. If you could scan every human for an inner child, mostly you find this child sleeping, sad, moody, upset. The inner child each of us is alive. If you feed it with negativity, sad moments, serious acting, most likely your inner child will be that way. If the inner child experience joy, positive thinking, playfull enviroment, most likely your inner child be happy. Inner child is connected to our head and mind. Therefor it reflects us and How we feel.

You might not be able to see angels. Perhaps you might never experience to see your spirit guides but they are here. Every moment, emotion is watched and taught by them. I always reccomend to people I speak to not focus on hunting those amazing creatures but rather do everything possible to be better people which draw us closer to them. Their world is big enough nd everyone is welcome there. Do not ever let anyone take this away from you.

Just sit down in your favourite chair and let your mind go where it needs to……….

true magic will find you :-)

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