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3. dubna 2017 v 22:57 | Michal |  English section
That day I was very flustrated and sad. I was complaining to angels and spirit guides for not taking care of me. I am a heart open person who loves being sorrounded by spiritual creatures.
I was sitting at my room and complain about everything. I have said so many bad things in the air with a reason to hurt. I think I was hoping in my brain that if I say things rough it would boost spirit guides up and come to me. How silly I was!

Every night before going to sleep I talk to God and angels. I cannot close my eyes before I do so. It became an important way of saying "Thank you" before sleeping. That night I looked at my angel statue and felt exhausted. I was soo dissapointed with luck of connection to most amazing creatures for me.

That night I could not fall a sleep. Once it happen something creepy happen to me. Have you ever felt like whille you sleep, someone is walking around you? You actually see noone but feel there is someone? Have you ever felt that? I did. I was fast sleeping when in my thoughts I felt someone is walking around me in a circle. In my dream I opened my eyes and saw a black shaped body walking around my bed. THe body looked like a druid in a black robe. I could not see his face as there was no face to see at all. I remember that my soul got out of my physical body and was slowly flying towards ceiling. I could perfectly watch my sleeping body. Suddenly there was not one black shaped creature but four.. One of them was bigger then the rest and it made me feel, he was the leader. What happen after was strange. I could see the black druid approaching my physical body and approaching his head towards mine. Just in a minute I felt like he will melt into me I woke up sitting on a bed.

After awaking I felt great. I felt like something amazing connect with me. I was told that it was my spirit guide. Spirit guides always come just as angels in a way it wont scare you. My heart is full of druids and therefor he turn up as a black druid. It could not have been a bad creature as I would not feel happy but rather scared.

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