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Have you ever wanted something so badly that once it happen you did not notice it? Something like that have happend to me. I am a person attracted to creatures of spirit, angels, guides etc.
I used to cry in my prayers for connection to my angels and spirit guides. I red few books about How to connect with spirit guides but I guess I was out of luck. I have wanted to meet my spirit guide that much that I have totally blocked my mind focussed on it. As the weeks went by I slowly resignated. It has been over two years since I kept trying. Some people might say is booring to wait but it was worth it.

Throughtout the time I have been waiting I was able to learn simple rules. A rules which may help you to connect with spiritual World. Those are my personal experiences and therefor do not take them as a guide .

Things to do before connecting your guides.

1/ Gather information - It is always great to read few books about your interest. Angels and spirit guides . They are living creatures. As any living creatures even those have their ways to make contact. Find a books about Spirit Guides or Angels and learn about them. Read about their realm, personalities etc. There are thousands of articles on internet but always use your heart and intuition whille reading them.

2/ Imagine - Sit down and imagine How your spirit guide or angel should look like. It does not matter if you ever seen any of them. Just sit down and think of How you would like Your spirit guide to appeal to you. There is no limit How your spirit guide can look. Imagine his face, the colour of hair you desire. The shape of the body, clothes. I tis all in your head.

3/ Talk- Sometimes we feel like noone ever listen to us. Are you sure? Why don't you talk to your spirit guide or angel as someone Who is always with you? Once you start talking to them, They will be more real to you and closer to connect with. People keep looking for friends and tend to forget that angels and spirit guides are here, waiting.

4/ Believe- Everything we cannot see by physical eyes requires a little bit of faith. All I would suggest is to feed your faith everyday. Open your eyes and look around. Just as we believe after each night comes a day we can be sure everything has its reason.

5/ Quiet corner- I am sure everyone has its favourite place. I have mine too. The most important is to have a place where we feel happy, secure and comfortable. To me personally, such place is bed. I love sitting on my bed and talking to my spirit guides and angels.

6/ Altar - Closeby where I am trying to connect with spirit guides and angels I created altar. It is a small place where I have my favourite books, some stones, statue of angel and tarot cards. I do feel it attracts my spirit friends.

7/Aroma- A nice aroma can draw them close. I like essence sticks to light before I am trying to focus into connection with them. My favourite is a red rose aroma. People who are able to pick flowers from garden and put them into room can surely do it.

8/ Your body - To feel happy and ready to connect with them is important to feel comfortable in our skin. I usually go running, gym or taking walk into nature. It helps you breath better and helps relax your body.

9/ Your head - Is the biggest killer of connection between you and your spirit guides or angels. People thinks too much. We usually worry too much, care and getting stress so often. When our head is full of poison we cannot fully enjoy the refreshing light. So to be able to to relax, meditate and enjoy connection, we need to clean our head.

I have stated before that I am a beginner. I try to do things naturally and in a way it suit me. I would like to share with you my personal experiences meeting my spirit guide. At the end of the article I would be happy if you comment on it.

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1 Kamila Kamila | 4. dubna 2017 v 9:09 | Reagovat

Ahoj Míšo, čtu tvůj blog a je to, jako bys psal o mně, až na pár detailů. Děkuji ti a pokusím se dle tvých návodů něco se sebou udělat. Chystám se na to dlouho, asi stále nedozrál ten správný čas. Pak dám vědět, jak vše dopadlo :-) Přeju krásný den!

2 Migi Migi | 4. dubna 2017 v 20:14 | Reagovat

[1]: Děkuji Kamilo, moc si vážím, že tě moje články inspirují. Většinou se jedná o osobní zkušenosti. Budu v tom nadále pokračovat.

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